As baby boomers grow old, the need for qualified professional senior care and assisted living services also increases. The number of Assisted Living Facilities across the United States is growing rapidly, offering more and more innovated services. Although many of them rely on funds from government and states, the increasing majority are private facilities with different types of specializations and services which provide the public with specific medical care in overall safe and comfortable environments.

However, when it comes to choosing the right assisted living solution for you or your loved ones there are several factors to consider to be sure to make the right decision.

An excellent way to start your homework is to make a list of the existing ALFs in the selected area and take advantage of all the resources that the internet offers in terms of data and info. An ALF website normally highlights the key features of the environment, the accommodations, services and staff, rates and payment options. They also include pictures of the grounds and facilities, common areas, etc. offering good visual description and first impression. The About page usually includes the Owner’s and Administrator’s professional background and goals. But the one page or section to pay attention is Reviews and Testimonials.

On one side, keep in mind that only the best and the most favorable reviews will be published on an assisted living facility website. However, it is good to read through these to find useful information on activities offered, services, number of residents, special accommodations and medical services. To have a full picture, match the reviews and gather vital info, use a state government website (such as and do a search for “assisted living facilities.” The results should offer a tool to search for specific facilities by name and address. Once found, you should be able to access a comprehensive information card on the facility with ratings and review that will enable you to gather the necessary data for your final decision.

Your local Social Work centers are also a reliable source of information on specific facilities. Another way is to contact or visit the facility directly and ask for names of people to contact in order to get additional information. If the facility is hesitant to release names for privacy reasons, they might be willing to let you interact with some of the residents or family members visiting their loved ones.

If you are in need of finding the right assisted living facility, make sure to do your homework and that yourself or your family member in need of senior care can be safe, healthy and feel comfortable in their new home.

At Angels on Tracy we offer a safe assisted living environment that feels and looks like home for the seniors of Simi Valley. Call us today and ask us about the services we can provide for you and your loved one.


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