Memory Care

    Dementia has various different forms that can either be a result of a trauma or the disease itself. Whichever form one suffers from, it is a disease that is devastating both for loved ones of the person suffering and the sufferer himself/herself. Dementia causes the victim’s world to become much smaller and unsafe. Caring for a patient with dementia can become extremely stressful, and can affect the emotions of a person. Ultimately, it could affect one’s relationship with the family.

    Indeed, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia itself, are a big challenge for everyone who is involved either directly or indirectly. In case you have a loved one suffering from dementia, you might often find yourself wondering what would happen to the health of your loved one. Also, you might be looking to find ways for making this journey less stressful for both your loved one and you yourself.

    However, you are not bound to go through this all on your own. In case you feel like taking care of your loved one suffering from dementia is out of your domain, consider a memory care community. These communities are perfect for people who are suffering from a severe level of Dementia. Mostly, memory care communities offer home-like features that include bedrooms, extra safety, TV lounges, and an environment full of peers and staff members.

    You may find yourself being a caregiver in order to take care of your loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This will involve monitoring their health constantly, and to make sure that no harm comes to them. Along with that, maintaining a healthy diet is yet another responsibility that you will have! While this might sound simple, being a caretaker is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it could be an extremely stressful and challenging task.

    Memory Care Programs

    Our memory care program, at Angels on Tracy, is specifically designed for people with any type of memory loss problem. It is based on a person-centered approach, in which care is personalized for each and every individual that is a resident of our residency. Our professional and expert staff keeps a strict focus on the feelings of each individual, and take care of them while trying to keep their self of sense and identity preserved. Our staff firmly believes that a life that is full of meaning and purpose is what brings an identity to a person. And as caretakers, out staff makes sure that people with dementia can lead a life full of meaning!

    Through visual reminders and gentle assistance, the community at Angels on Tracy allows dementia patients to get engaged in activities such as kitchen work, communication, and other projects with full safety. This not only makes the individuals feel at home but also adds purpose and meaning to their lives.

    Whenever an individual is about to begin his/her life at Angels on Tracy, our professionals conduct a full life review of that person. This includes very detailed questions about their interests, hobbies, their very nature, and personality. This allows our experts to devise a customized plan that is unique for every individual. This is how we are able to make our guests feel at home, by allowing them to retain their true identity. After all, their nature and traits are what make them who they are.

    Throughout this time, we ask family members to gather a couple of materials that which the individual can reflect upon. These materials represent what their loved one was like before he/she had a cognitive impair. Through recreational/occupational therapies, our staff members work hard to restore their functionality to a good extent. For instance, we provide each individual with a range of activities that which they can reflect upon and enjoy. Those for instance, that loved music and enjoyed it are given books/activities related to music and so on.

    In order to learn more about who we are and what we offer to your loved ones, feel free to contact us.


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