As a person ages, they tend to need more help. In some cases, it can be gradual and in others, it may seem like this change happens over night. It is important for the children of elderly parents to keep their eye out for signs that their mom or dad needs more help. In some cases, this help might just require the attention of family members, but in others, it might be necessary to start talking about assisted living.

For a person that has lived independently for many years, it can be hard to admit that you can’t take care of everything on your own, and for this reason, many seniors do not ask for the help that they need. It can be a difficult conversation to have with your loved one, but it is important for seniors to get this help when they need it.

The first step in ensuring that your parent gets the help they need is being aware of the signs that indicate a need for help. The following are a few of the signs to look out for.

Difficulty Getting Around

Have you noticed that your mom or dad is having trouble getting around the house? Maybe you see that they have a hard time getting up from a chair or it could be difficulty with stairs. They might have trouble getting around the furniture in the home or it could be an issue with getting in and out of the shower.

As the body ages, problems with joints and muscles are very common, and this can result in difficulty getting around the house. You might need to consider getting them a mobility device or making modifications to the home to make it easier for them to get around.

Lack of Social Activity

Does it seem that your parent has lost interest in social activity? Are they still going out to the same places they used to and meeting up with friends and family members? If you find that your parent has withdrawn from social activity, it is important to find out why. This could be a sign that they are suffering from depression. It may also be an issue with mobility. Maybe they can’t drive as well as they used to or maybe it is trouble getting out of the house. It could be that some of their friends have passed on and they don’t know where to go to form new relationships.

A Messy Home

Have you noticed that your parent’s previously meticulous home has slipped into a state of disarray or disrepair? Maybe you see things like stacks of unopened mail, dirty laundry that is piling up, a sink full of dirty dishes or a lawn that looks like it hasn’t been cut in weeks. If you see signs of a poorly kept home, it could be a sign that regular home maintenance and cleaning are just becoming too much for your parent.

Poor Nutrition

Does it seem like your parent has lost a significant amount of weight? Maybe you have noticed that they are not eating enough, or it could be a poor quality of food. For many seniors, managing your meals and nutrition can become difficult. They might have a hard time operating the stove or maybe they have trouble getting out to the store. If it seems that your parent is not eating well, it is a sign that you need to step in and help them with their meal planning and maybe even find a way to ensure that they get fresh groceries.

Health Issues

People experience more health problems as they get older, and in many cases, it means that they need help from a family member or a caregiver. Conditions like arthritis can result in problems with mobility, mental decline can mean that they need help managing their bills and other regular functions of running a home. You have a wide range of medical issues that could impact the quality of life for a senior, and if they don’t get the help they need, it could make the situation worse.

In many cases, these issues can be managed in the home. If you and other family members have the time and ability to provide the necessary assistance, some of these problems can be resolved and your parent can live safely in the home. However, there are many cases where these issues are just too much for the family to handle on its own. In this situation, it means that it is time to consider some type of assisted living arrangement.

A good assisted living center will help your parent manage these problems while also allowing them to live with as much independence as possible. At a senior living community, you parent’s health will be looked after, they will have assistance with their daily needs and they will have access to social activities that may not have been available to them when they were living on their own.

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